Each year, the close-knit Mt. Washington community unites to ensure our children’s education is not jeopardized by LAUSD’s budget restraints. Without the financial support of our friends and families, many of the enrichment programs that make this school outstanding would be cut and teacher’s aides would be eliminated.

The MWPTA began a yearly fundraiser to provide our school with the support it needs to maintain the academic excellence we expect. We must raise at least $100,000 annually just to ensure that each year has the same critical assistance as the previous year.

TAs, or instructional aides, are vital to the classroom.  As parents, we all want teachers to be able to differentiate instruction for our children; to challenge them where they need it and provide additional support when necessary.  As teachers, we know that students work best in smaller groups where they can receive more individualized attention. Teacher Aides make this possible.
–   Mrs. Fowler, Kindergarten Teacher

With increased class sizes and added academic demands placed on our teachers by the Common Core curriculum, your help is vital to our children’s education and academic success.  Your donation WILL make a difference for YOUR child and EVERY child at MWE.  Join us in this year’s challenge to raise $60,000 in 30 days!

Having a TA in our classes is my top request from the PTA because I know that it makes a HUGE difference for our students. The consistent daily help that the TA brings to each student and to small groups of students is a tremendous academic support. Please give to this campaign!

– Ms. Monji, retired 2nd Grade Teacher


Please click one of the buttons below to make your donation.  Be sure to include your child’s name and room number so tax receipts can come home in their binder. All donations are greatly appreciated, and they’re 100% tax deductible. And please check with your employer about a matching gifts donation.

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$ Other** If you prefer to pay by check, you can download the required form here.

I have kids with learning disabilities, English language learners, I have children reading at a 12th grade level, I have children reading at a 4th grade level.  Having an aide would help all students succeed since group differentiation is essential to individual success.

– Ms. Lowery, 5th Grade Teacher

Mt. Washington Window 2016

All those who participate in the Annual Give, at any donation level, will receive two 2016-2017 MWPTA car window clings and a letter of receipt with MWPTA’s Tax ID # for your tax purposes.

You can read more teacher testimonials about the importance of teacher’s aides here.

Mt. Washington PTA is a 501(c)(3) organization, Fed Tax ID 95-6208664, permit on file.

Please contact with any questions.