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  • The Mt. Washington PTA (*MWPTA*) is made up of parents like you, our teachers and our administration. Together we advocate for every child at our school and follow the PTA motto of Every Child One Voice.
  • We invite you to join us at our five (5) General Membership meetings throughout the year, to have a voice in the direction the PTA takes to best serve our children. Bring your ideas, ask questions, VOTE and see the difference you make by attending. We try to accommodate as many people as we can, so you will see on the school calendar that some of our meetings are held at 8:30am, and several are held in the evening. We fundraise for crucial academic support programs.
  • We provide after school programs every school day for a small fee that will enrich your children’s academic, creative and social success.
  • We offer Parent Education Classes, usually tied in with our General Membership meetings. Look for flyers and announcements in your child’s backpack, in the eHowl, on our website, our Facebook page and from your Room Representative.
  • We encourage you to volunteer – in your children’s classrooms, for the school, and at our events.
  • We aim for 100% participation again this year. Parents, grandparents, guardians and students are all welcome to become PTA members.
  • MWPTA donates $1000 to the Health Clinic and Vision Clinic, available to all LAUSD students who do not have insurance.  Services include regular check-ups & school entry exams, immunizations and TB testing, adolescent health care, sports physicals, nutrition counseling, enrollment in health and vision screening/check-ups.


join2As a PTA member, you are a part of one of the oldest and largest associations dedicated to the EDUCATION and WELL-BEING of all children and youth. For over 100 years, PTA members at the local level have provided volunteer, advocacy and financial support to enhance the academic, social and physical environments of our schools.  In partnership with over 7 million other volunteers across America, PTA members represent a strong and respected voice in promoting programs that enrich the quality of life for our children, our families and our community.

  • The #1 reason to join Parent Teacher Association is to benefit  your child. You are also helping your school.
  • Get Connected. There’s no better way to know what’s happening in your school, or to develop a relationship with your child’s teacher and principal.
  • Discover Great Resources. The PTA offers a variety of programs and materials for students, parents, families, schools and communities.
  • Speak Up. PTA gives you a “seat at the table” when important decisions are made about your child’s school.
  • Be a Role Model. By becoming a PTA member, you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education.
  • Enjoy Substantial Benefits. PTA members enjoy exclusive member perks including discounts on school supplies, rental cars, wireless services and more.  CLICK HERE for more details.
  • Make a Difference! By working together, PTA members have helped advance local, state and national laws and policies to improve the education, health and safety of all children


  • PTA envelopes will be sent home with your child. Please fill out the information, include cash or a check made out to MWPTA and return to your child’s teacher, or drop off to the Main Office. Additional envelopes are available at the Parent Center.  For more information, please CLICK HERE.
  • Membership fee is $6 for each family member that joins. It breaks down like this:  $2.25 goes to the National PTA, $1.25 goes to California State PTA, $1 goes to Los Angeles 10th District PTSA, $0.20 goes to Highlands Council for a total of $4.70. $1.30 goes to MWPTA, which pays for membership associated expenses. Every dollar raised aside from these membership fees goes directly to MWPTA.

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