Disaster Preparedness

TO: All Parents

FROM: PTA Safety

RE: Disaster Preparedness


In the event of an emergency disaster, it might be necessary for children to remain at school until the danger has  passed and a parent can pick them up. To help your child feel more comfortable and safe, we are asking each family to make their child an Emergency Comfort Kit.

The PTA will be sending home a one (1) gallon size ziploc bag with a list of suggested items and a card for the child’s information to be written clearly on it.  The cost of these suggested items (drinks, snacks) is no more than about $5 and other optional items such as a space blanket, a rain poncho, a small toy etc should add only another $5 or $6.  The ziploc bag will need to contain non-perishable food-items, drinks, and supplies. Food items should have the shelf life of at least one year. Please send things that can be opened without a can opener, and that your child will eat. All items must fit in a ziploc bag and be able to close.

The Emergency Kits will be kept in the classrooms for the duration of the school year and returned to the
children at the end of school year.  Most of the contents can be reused for the following year with little modification.   Thank you for your assistance in this project. We all look forward to keeping the children safe and happy.


CHECKLIST (Items can be found at Rite-Aid, CVS, Target, Big 5, Sports Chalet, etc.)


(1 Year Shelf Life)

2 Drinks

Individual serving containers of water or fruit juice packed in cardboard, plastic or mylar. ( No glass or soda!)

2 Snacks (Avoid high salt items as they

increase thirst)

Snack Examples:

• High Energy food bar (no peanut

butter, yoghurt or chocolate that melts)

• Beef Jerky

• Dried Fruit (sealed)

• Tuna Cups


• Large Garbage Bag

• Antiseptic or wet wipes

• Pocket size Kleenex Pack

• 12-hour light stick or pen flashlight



• Emergency Space Blanket

• Emergency Rain Poncho

• A caring note reassuring your child

• A Family Photo

• Extra Pair of Glasses

• Small, quiet game or toy that fits

in bag

• Kindergarten Only: 1 pair of

• Older girls: Individually wrapped

sanitary napkins

• Plastic Utensils for packed food


• Fill out and place in the bag with name facing out.

• Include out-of-state contact in case local phone lines are down



Do not pack medicine. Any medicines should be labeled with child’s name, instructions, and given to the office.