Second Step

Second Step LogoSecond Step is the district mandated social-emotional program for elementary schools. We are thrilled to have the updated version of this program for our students this school year. Second Step teaches students in Kindergarten – 6th grade skills for making friends, managing emotions, and solving problems.

Teachers have begun teaching the program; and student are enjoying the lessons. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this program, please see your child’s teacher.

CLICK HERE to access the “Home Links” (i.e., the pages that get sent home for parents to work on with their child(ren)).


Here’s an example of a lesson for Grade 2


What is my child learning? Your child is learning how to be respectful at school

Why is it important? Being respectful helps children be better learners

Ask your child: How do you behave respectfully at school?

Read together: There are many ways to be respectful at school. You can:

  • Be kind and polite
  • Take turns
  • Pay attention and listen to the speaker
  • Raise your hand to speak

Practice Together. Record of Respect

1. Discuss with your child ways he or she showed you or others respect today

2. Write examples of the respectful behavior. “Today I showed respect by….”


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