What Teachers say about Teacher’s Aides…

TAs, or instructional aides, are vital to the classroom.  As parents, we all want teachers to be able to differentiate instruction for our children; to challenge them where they need it and provide additional support when necessary.  As teachers, we know that students work best in smaller groups where they can receive more individualized attention. Teacher Aides make this possible.

Mrs. Fowler, Kindergarten Teacher

A trained Teacher’s Assistant allows for a more effective teacher-to-student ratio. It’s a benefit to children this age to have as much adult attention as possible. Having a TA to pull out small groups can impact the ease in which a child learns to read, and when learning to read is an enjoyable experience it can instill that joy for a lifetime. I love having parent volunteers in my classroom, and I really depend on them to assist me. Unfortunately sometimes parents are unable to volunteer that day, or have to leave early. Having a trained TA in my classroom, on a regular daily basis, allows me to plan more efficiently, to organize my day knowing when and for how long that I have the assistance. Nothing else helps our effectiveness in the classroom as a trained TA.

Ms. Langsdorff, 1st Grade Teacher

Having a TA in our classes is my top request from the PTA because I know that it makes a HUGE difference for our students. The consistent daily help that the TA brings to each student and to small groups of students is a tremendous academic support. Please give to this campaign!

Ms. Monji, 2nd Grade Teacher

Most years, our upper grade classes hold between 33 to 35 students. As you can imagine, some students are ready for challenging, above-grade-level work and others are in need of remediation of concepts and skills. While a teacher is able to differentiate tasks among these groups, her efforts go that much farther when a skilled adult is present to instruct, assist, and monitor a small group of students in their learning. The daily presence of a teachers’ assistant allows the teacher to work with smaller groups on lessons most suited to their needs.

Ms. Convey, 4th Grade Teacher

A Teacher Aide in the classroom would provide additional support to the classroom teacher.  The Aide would be trained by the teacher to assist with specific things like read decodeables with the children, test reading fluency, give writing support using the techniques taught by the teacher and help reinforce math concepts when students are struggling or need extra practice. The Teacher Aide becomes familiar with every student, not just one group of children.  This saves time, as every child’s needs are unique.  Students, in turn, will also feel more comfortable and ideally, be more productive having developed a consistent routine and rapport with a person who works in their classroom everyday.

Ms. Kehoe, 1st Grade Teacher


The support the teachers are looking for is really to get those Teacher’s Aides in the classroom.  The daily support a T.A. brings to students is imperative. TA’s are able to assist a teacher in meeting students’ needs whether they need more challenge or need remediation.  An additional trained adult in the room allows for more individualized attention to our growing class sizes.

Ms. Barnes, 3rd Grade Teacher

Having a teacher assistant in my classroom would be extremely beneficial to my students.  We will work collaboratively to ensure our students’ educational experience is a successful one.  He/she will assist students individually or in small groups to help them master skills and to reinforce learning concepts that I have taught.

Ms. Sy, Kindergarten Teacher

I have kids with learning disabilities, English language learners, I have children reading at a 12th grade level, I have children reading at a 4th grade level.  Having an aide would help all students succeed since group differentiation is essential to individual success.

Ms. Lowery, 5th Grade Teacher

The MWPTA Direct Appeal is the most efficient way to get your financial contributions into the classroom in the form of Teacher’s Aides and Instructional Support. Please give generously and help us PUT EDUCATION FIRST!

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