Principal’s Message

Our 3rd-6th grade students are preparing to take the CA summative Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC). Every 3rd-8th grade and high school students enrolled in a CA public school take the SBAC in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math. These assessments measure the students’ achievement and growth in these 2 curricular areas. The assessment is taken online and is computer adaptive, meaning the questions get harder when the student answers correctly and easier when student answers incorrectly. The assessment requires students to write short and long answer responses in both ELA and math.
In class the students have taken 2 interim assessments, shorter versions of the summative assessments. There are practice tests available for students to access at home. You can access these assessments by visiting This website also has information about the assessment and how to help the students prepare for it.
At MWES, our students will test April 2 – May 13, 2019. A schedule was sent home with all 3rd-6th grade students, if you need the schedule please stop by the office for a copy.

Upcoming Dates:
March 19 – Early Dismissal – 1:34 pm
Lincoln Center Jazz Concert (4th-6th grade) – 9:00 am; MPR
March 20 – 2nd Grade OLSAT
Charitable Campaign Begins
PTA General Association Meeting – 8:15 am; Library
March 21 – 2nd Grade OLSAT
School Site Council Meeting – 2:45 pm; Staff Lounge
March 22 – 5th Grade Invention Convention – 8:30 am; MPR
March 26 – Early Dismissal – 1:34 pm
March 29 – Coffee with the Principal – 8:15 am; Parent Center
Lincoln Center Jazz Concert – 9:00 am; MPR
Charitable Campaign Ends

News from the Principal

Parent involvement is one of the factors for student success. When you become involved in your child’s school, you are modeling for your child the importance of education. Children who see their parents taking an active role in their assignments, grades and activities do far better in school; these children take responsibility for their own learning. Studies have shown that children of parents who are involved in school have fewer behavioral problems, score higher on assessments and earn higher grades on their report cards.

Besides volunteering at school and/or the classroom, you can have conversations with your child at home about their learning. Asking questions about specific assignments, projects, assessments and topics they are learning in class is an easy way to demonstrate to your child that you are involved in their learning. Many children will respond with a one word answer, so make sure your questions are specific. You can also ask clarifying questions — this will get your child to open up.

At MWES we embrace parent involvement and encourage parents to become involved with the school in any way possible. We are so fortunate to have strong parent involvement at our school. I thank you all for everything that you do.

Also, please join our Student Council this Wednesday, 12/12/18, for Wacky Wednesday by wearing an ugly winter sweater.

Upcoming Dates:

12/12 Wacky Wednesday, Ugly Sweater Day
12/17 – 1/4 Winter Break
1/7 School Resumes
1/8 Early Dismissal – 1:34 pm
1/11 Stargazing – 5:00pm, Main Yard
1/15 Early Dismissal
1/17 School Site Council – 2:45 pm
1/18 After School Arts Collective – 2:34 pm

Baking Savory and Sweet by Radical Cooks

In this class series Radical Cooks teaches kids the art of baking, both sweet and savory . Students learn baking basics (the role of eggs, flour, substitutions, measurements, etc.), not to mention how contrasting flavors complement one another beautifully, bringing out the best in all of the fruity, salty, sugary, rich, and savory ingredients. Class Schedule: 1. Quick breads ~ April 3rd 2. Biscuits & Jams ~ April 10th 3. Sponge cakes ~ April 24th (SPRING BREAK) 4. Vegan baking ~ May 1st 5. Eclairs ~ May 8th 6. Cupcake Decorating with Miso Bakes ~ May 15th Where? Mt. Washington Elementary When? Wednesdays, 3-4 pm Cost? $120.00 Register at: Baking Sweet and Savory

Thank you from Arts Collective

A big warm thank you to the Hit + Run crew, it was such a hit! We had the greatest time pulling screens with designs created by Hit + Run. It’s such a treat to see the kids learn about a new medium. We look forward to seeing all the shirts the kids pulled around school.
Our next Arts Collective is scheduled for April 12th. We have Purple Twig coming, we look forward to a great workshop from them.

MWE Clean-up a success thanks to volunteers

We cleaned-up both yards and garden spaces, replaced soil and mulch in the lower garden and reading garden, sorted out the parent center, organized all the sheds and did some planting. We also took the first step in building the Nature Discovery Station. A brave team removed the large bougainvillaea in the space and mapped/mowed the path so students and parents can truly visualize the new green space. Please take a peek behind the Play Soon and X marks the spot installation to check out the future site. Students were discussing and checking out the new space before Monday morning announcements. Special thanks to Gil Cedillo’s team, the L.A. Conservation Corp., EnrichLA, the Nature Discovery Station Advisory Committee, Garden Committee and PTA for a very successful clean-up. Stay tuned for the release of the new design of the Nature Discovery Station. The station, gardens, campus beautification and clean-ups are sponsored by Friends of Mount Washington School. Please support projects like this by donating to and attending the Totally 80s auction on May 3rd.

PTA Reflections “Heroes Around Me” Awards

We hope that you enjoyed the PTA Reflections Art Show and Showcase performances. Thank you to all of our student artists for creating their wonderful pieces, and to all of the families, teachers, local judges, and the whole MWE community for supporting them.

All entries from Mt. Washington Elementary will receive an Everyday Hero, Prodigy Hero, or Epic Hero award certificate. To see the list of awards earned click here.

AWARD CERTIFICATES: In January 2019, a celebration for all PTA Reflections participants will take place after school at Mt. Washington Elementary School. All students will receive their local certificates and awards at that time. Stay tuned for more details. Congratulations to all of our participants!

Amazon Rewards

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